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Nate's Bio-One Experience

With both planned and unexpected events in life, Nate had his hands full. Learn what inspired him to reach out to Bio-One and his experience once he did.

Why I Needed to Call Bio-One

I was single at the time, living here by myself. The place got a little messy, not quite where it is today, but it was just hard to keep up with.
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I also have anxiety and depression, so the pandemic didn't help. That made it harder to take care of a household.
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Bio-One Video
Bio-One Video

Marriage, Moving, & Illness: Dealing with Big Life Events

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I married my wife in October of 2021. Of course, when you marry someone, they come with all their stuff, right?

We were married for five or six months, and then we got the cancer diagnosis.
That's when things got really hard to keep up with because we both have anxiety and depression, and then we had that added on to it. Things really got out of control.
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We Needed a Calm and Comfortable Place to Rest

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My wife having cancer, I wanted her to be able to come home and rest. I knew that if I couldn't rest in this scenario, there's no way she could. So, that was when we said,
Yeah, we really need some help to pull things together.
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Bio-One Video
Bio-One Video

What Led Me to Bio-One

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I'd read some testimonials about Bio One, someone in the testimonials was like,
Hey, the pandemic happened. I have depression and anxiety. Everything got really far behind. I didn't know what to do. I called Bio One. They made me feel really good about it. I didn't feel as bad about myself as I had. They helped me pull things together and now stuff is great.
I was like, hey, that sounds a lot like my situation.

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Meeting Our Bio-One Project Manager

So, I called Bio-One. Brian came out to do the estimate. He said, "yeah, this is not that bad, man. It's not messy. It's just disorganized. We can help you with that."

Brian has just really made us feel at home, which is funny to say because it's our home, but at home with the company.
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He doesn't feel like a stranger. I've only talked to him twice, but when he came in, it was just like talking to a friend.
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Bio-One Video
Bio-One Video

Positive Attitudes and Effective Planning

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Bio-One is really good at focusing on the positives. They didn't come in and go, okay, this is a mess, but we can help you.
They came in and said,
Wow, this is a great space and this over here is good. I could see how you might want to use that. I think we can really help you here.
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Transparent Pricing Made Starting My Project Quick and Easy

I've got this big space, not too big, but 1100 square feet upstairs. You go downstairs, there's another 1100 square feet in the basement. It's a full basement. Within an hour they had sent me a quote.
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I was like, wow, yeah, we can do this. This is going to be really easy. They sent the quote to me by a link from a text message. I signed it with my finger and we were good to go. It was really simple.
Let Us Restore Order to Your Home.
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Unbelievably Fast Cleanup Progress

The team went downstairs in the basement, the floor had never been cleaned. Three guys go down there. I'm walking through upstairs with Brian talking about our plans for upstairs.
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We get that squared away in about 15 minutes, go back downstairs, they've already moved all my stuff back to a great corner. I've never seen it this clean already, and they're not near done!
Get Rid of Clutter Safely and Efficiently.
Bio-One Video
Bio-One Video

I've Already Recommended Bio-One to Neighbors

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I've got a neighbor moving out next door. They're not going to be able to get everything. There's a lot of stuff in there. I've already suggested Bio-One to them.
I've told them,
Hey, I know this seems overwhelming. It might be worth getting a quote. You might want to look into some people. You're going to spend some money doing this, but they're willing to work with you on what's going to be most affordable for you at the time, and they're respectful of the spot that you're in.
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My Bio-One Team Was Caring and Compassionate

Bio-One is caring, they're professional, they're creative. They've come up with creative ways to use our space. And at the end of the day, they're compassionate, certainly.
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They're a group of people that care about helping you get back to a place where you can live comfortably.
We Remove Clutter and Create a Clean, Organized Home.
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Comprehensive Hoarding Cleanup. We Remove Clutter and Create a Clean, Organized Home.

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